Awesome Live Wallpapers for Your Android Phone

Live wallpapers are special applications developed for mobile phones that use the Android operating system.

Android wallpapers are in high demand these days, as the explosive growth of Android mobile devices will take off and many users switch to the Android OS on their own phones. Android has some distinct benefits in addition to drawbacks compared to other phones, but nevertheless, many users are embracing Google’s Android and therefore are in search of the best Android live wallpapers.

Here are some free live wallpapers for Android so that you can spice up smartphone or tablet backdrop without having to dip into your wallet.

Awesome Live Wallpapers for Your Android Phone

Awesome Live Wallpapers for Your Android Phone


A vivid red wallpaper inspired through the one that can be found on all Google Play Edition smartphones and tablets. Large bubbles and particles of light slowly move up your phone screen, floating around and forming unique patterns. The animations are smooth and fluid and also the wallpaper doesn’t slow the system down. It provides no customization options, but simplicity works in the favour. You just set the wallpaper and relish the stock Android-alike look.

Fresh Leaves

A gorgeous wallpaper that puts a realistic, 3-dimensional tree on the display of your phone. It features a remarkable level of polish and enables you to apply a season theme to complement the look of the trees away from window. Additionally, Fresh Leaves has a couple of lighting themes that change automatically during the day as well as visually stunninng weathers scenes, thunderstorm for example.

Before downloading Fresh Leaves, make sure your phone is capable of running it. Because of the number of 3-dimensional elements and HD graphics, the wallpaper may significantly impact the performance of some older devices.

Mountains Now

A comparatively new live wallpaper that has quickly gained a great deal of traction from both press and users. It had been designed to mimic Google Now’s graphics style, therefore it will fit your phone just like a glove. Mountains Now features animated boats that travel down and up a river, with rocky mountains in the background. What makes the wallpaper unique, may be the use of gyroscope-based 3D Parallax effect and four themes that change automatically with respect to the time.


Being one of typically the most popular live wallpapers available on the woking platform, Origami features colourful rhombs that fade and appearance beautifully on the home screen. It had been designed to follow the latest trend in wallpaper and graphics design with 9 different themes and more than 60 customization choice to play with, without a shadow of doubt it is one of your most favourite live wallpapers.

Nexus Triangles

If you’ve seen a Google Nexus phone or tablet running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, you may have seen a wallpaper which was an inspiration for Nexus Triangles. Author of this app turned a static image right into a good-looking mosaic of low-poly shapes that make your phone feel alive.

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